Sell with Confidence
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Selling Tips

Presenting a home for sale can be a neverending process….there’s always something else you could do. Make a list, prioritize it, and work down. A lot of stuff you won’t do but the important stuff you will.


  • Mow lawns, trimm hedges, pull weeds etc
  • Clean Windows
  • clean walls, touch up paint especially white door frames.
  • clean pool
  • remove cobwebs
  • De clutter (storage units are a godsend!)
  • Mulch
  • Fix tap and cistern leaks

If you have time

  • Complete repaint. All walls to be relatively neutral.
  • Pressure clean paved areas
  • Paint eaves
  • Neutral smells
  • Oil Gate hinges
  • clear paths and paving of weeds

Bear  in mind that any standard that you begin with must be maintained throughout the marketing period.

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